Søren Holst sofa table in oak model 5392
Finn Juhl Pelikan chair. New upholstered
Ib Kofoed dining chair in black leather
Finn Juhl Bwana chair with pull
Wegner Ge 290/1 chairs and pull
String chair in Mahonya 6 pcs
Arne Wahl chairs in teak . A pair
Wegner Ge 375 et par i eg
Wegner sofa table model AT 15
Wegner RY side board in oak
Wegner sofa model AP 35 new upholstered
Teak table lamp with screen
Wegner ge 375 in oak . New upholstered
Wegner ge 375 chairs in oak
Nanna Ditzel desk in Riopalis
Kaare Klint floor lamp
Wegner dining table of Andreas Tuck
Wegner diningtable model AT 310
Finn Juhl sofa table in teak
Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard sofatable
Wegner sofa model Ge 236
Wegner Ge 270 in teak
Wegner chairs model GE 72
Wegner Rocking chair in black leather
Wegner sofa model Ge 236
Poul Volther Daybed
Wegner chairs model Ch 33
Wegner Cigar sofa new up holsteret
Wegner Ge 375 chairs/sofa in orange, new paintet
Wegner chairs ge 290/1 . A pair
Wegner Dining table At 312. Teak/oak
Wegner Ge 375 armchair. A pair
Wegner Papa Bear model AP 19
Kurt Olsen chairs in new up holstered Camira
Wegner saw chairs in oak
Wegner AP 40 Chairs. 2. pcs
Wegner modul sofa in oak Ge 280
Wegner sewing table. At 33
Wegner Piano bench. AP-30
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